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California local government websites

ProudCity Web makes it easy and cost-effective for California local governments to launch and manage accessible, mobile-friendly websites.

California local government websites

Frequently asked questions

ProudCity provides digital government software like websites, online payments, online forms, and more, to cities of all sizes. Because we are newer than many companies that have been around for decades, we often get asked how we’re different from traditional vendors that offer local government website services.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We get better over time
  • We have transparent pricing
  • We’ll give you a free trial
  • We’re affordable
  • We offer unlimited licenses
  • We help you launch quickly
  • We openly share our digital expertise
  • We continuously build a better ProudCity based on feedback from our partners
  • We train you on digital best practices and how to build great government websites
  • We default to digital government standards for all our partners
  • We’re powered by open technologies
  • We eat our own dog food
  • We love local government as much as you do

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ProudCity offers easily and immediately accessible transparent pricing. Visit our pricing page to search for your city.

ProudCity Onboarding helps streamline your digital government training and new website launch, including:

  • Designated ProudCity Ambassador who works closely with your team
  • Personalized experience tailored to your agency’s needs
  • Structured project management support
  • Accelerated launch timeline (ALPHA in 30 Days, BETA 30 days later, LIVE 30 days later)
  • Digital government best practices training (including new federal ADA guidelines)
  • ProudCity platform training to maximize use of best-in-industry features
  • Customization support and guidance
  • Content strategy and execution plan to help you move to user-first, mobile-first digital service delivery
  • Live chat, ticketing customer support

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City leaders sometimes tell us they use a local website vendor for their city websites. While this is commendable — as any ‘buy local’ effort is — it is often a short-sighted approach to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and scalable digital government services.

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Featured California local governments

California proud

"I’m most proud of our process. The team that worked on the website did an amazing job and it was such an incredible learning experience for us. We learned about user-centered design, beta and iteration, and lean development principles." - Rebecca Woodbury, San Rafael, Calif.

“We are proud to offer a searchable site that is also becoming a hub for all our our departments, boards and commissions. Our previous site was not as user-friendly so we had external sites for Recreation, Police and Commissions such as Volunteers and Open Space. The ProudCity platform has allowed us to bring all these sites together and offer our community a central, user-friendly site.” - Camille Esposito, Fairfax, Calif.

“I am most proud of the group of individuals who worked together on this project, learning a new, user-first based platform, and dedicating the many days, nights and weekends spent not only creating new content and pages, but transitioning content from our old website.” - Brian Dossey, Colma, Calif.



Adapts to any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktops, TVs, kiosks).


Designed to meet ADA standards and requirements. Learn more →


Predictive, multi-site search and meetings integration (ProudCity Meetings, Granicus). ProudCity Search →

Content management

Add/edit/delete pages, posts, menus, images, videos, news/blogs, calendars, job postings, events and more.


Search and category filter for frequently asked questions. Answers demo →


Filter by agency, councils, elected officials. People profile pages (contact email, phone, social media). Directory demo →


Connect social media feeds to your website for real-time updates (Twitter, YouTube). Social demo →


Interactive services map to display government buildings, schools, post offices, fire/police departments and more.


Automated voting information including polling times/locations, issues and referendums and political candidate info. ProudCity Vote →


Search-engine optimized, including automatic sitemap.xml generation submitted to Google/Bing, webmaster tools XML sitemap, structured HTML mark-up.


Integrates with mainstream email newsletter services (MailChimp, ConstantContact).


Administrative dashboard access to web analytics (Google Analytics) (pageviews, visitor traffic and more). Learn more →


Manage events, search and filter by type, save to personal calendars (iCalendar, Google, Outlook, Yahoo!), Google Maps directions, share to social media. Calendar demo →


Open application programming interface (API) enabled.


Manage the appearance of your website branding (drag and drop customization, modify colors/fonts, photos, graphics, page templates).


Built-in translation for more than 100 languages (Spanish, French, Chinese and more).

User roles

Internal users have administrative access to content based on their respective roles (manager, publisher, author).


Interoperable with a growing list of third-party services (Stripe, SeeClickFix, MailChimp, embedding and more). ProudCity Marketplace →

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