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To effectively serve the interests of the public in 2018 and beyond, government must significantly alter its approach to technology. It must especially adamantly demand this from the technology vendors that service much of how government serves and operates.

Much like our antiquated power grid, the current legacy government technology, and its delivery approach, is on the verge of failure. It’s only a matter of time before government leaders realize they have unwittingly put their faith in, or have become complacent with, highly-susceptible technology solutions that not only create serious business issues, but also generate continuous, collective frustration from the communities they intend to serve.

The ideas around Exponential Digital Government surfaced through many discussions from public sector leaders frustrated with the lack of sustainable, scalable digital services they need to support their communities in today’s ever-changing technology environment. They are also inspired by the innovative, emerging government technology startups working on a better way to deliver these services more efficiently and cost-effectively, helping to re-empower today’s public sectors leaders to serve the way they’ve always dreamed of.

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Exponential Digital Government
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Exponential Digital Government
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True to the spirit of open government — transparency, collaboration, participation — Exponential Digital Government is a work in progress, and we welcome your comments. Please use the commenting features in the white paper or presentation documents or email Luke Fretwell directly at [email protected].