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Government website procurement template

Government Website Procurement Template




The purpose of this procurement template is to help governments purchase modern websites and digital services. This template is a resource to save governments valuable time and frame the technology purchase conversation around recommendations from the experts on how to achieve your unique goals.


Regardless of whether you use this as a request for information, quote or proposal, the procurement template helps change the framework of the purchase to focus on the intent of the services provided rather than the purchasing process itself. Governments should provide needs, goals, standards, timeline and budget to act as a guideline for vendors to deliver detailed information on how they would deliver their services within those broad parameters. It is then up to the vendor to provide a clear and informative path to achieve government’s goals in time and on budget.
This procurement template:

  • Avoids predetermined process (ex: wireframing, static designs, specific rounds of edits)
  • Separates standards (ex: mobile, HTTPS, ADA) from features
  • Lists suggested features rather than heavily-specified requirements

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This procurement template is for governments to re-use as they see fit (request for information/proposal/quote). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


We encourage your feedback on how we can make this better. Use the comment feature in the document, on GitHub or contact us directly.


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