Author: Luke Fretwell

Proudly serving Jackson

We’re excited to announce our first state capital partner, Jackson, Miss. The new site, located at, is now live after going through the ProudCity Onboarding process and public feedback and user testing. As with all of our partners we serve, Jackson’s new, service-focused website is mobile-friendly, secured for user privacy protection and makes accessibility … Continued

How to buy, build launch, manage local government digital services in 2020

To help educate local public sector leaders with government website launches, we’ve created a comprehensive slide deck that details the problems with today’s model, solutions, key trends for 2020, and how ProudCity successfully supports a new approach to digital services. Slides: How to buy, launch, manage local government websites in 2020 Contact us to learn … Continued

Font customization on ProudCity-powered government websites

You can now customize fonts on your ProudCity-powered government website. Accessibility We’ve accounted for accessibility in choosing the fonts available for use, which is why there is a limited selection. We’ve also modified font weights in some areas to make previously ‘thin’ fonts more legible. Public Sans As part of the newly-updated United States Web … Continued

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