The technology behind ProudCity.

We are committed to open source and OpenSaas (open source software-as-a-service). As part of this commitment, we are as open as possible about the technologies we use and give credit to the open source projects we use. Overview of our stack:

  • Hosting infrastructure: Linux Apache PHP, MySQL (LAMP) on Docker containers running on Kubernetes
  • Content management system: WordPress
  • Front-end framework: Bootstrap

Hosting infrastructure

Every ProudCity instance is hosted on Docker containers. This allows us to provide separate environments for every website with standard build scripts that follow industry best practices for security and maintenance. Security and maintenance highlights:

  • All sites served over HTTPS with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Up-to-date containers running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, with the latest package security releases
  • Daily offsite backups of files and databases
  • All sites monitored for software (WordPress Core and plugin) updates
  • All sites monitored for uptime
  • User authentication with Auth0
  • Automated API key rolling and auditing

Content management system

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, which is why we built ProudCity with the WordPress content management system, which powers more than 25% of all websites. WordPress provides a familiar interface for a team of authors to organize, write, and edit their website content. Our customized version of WordPress includes all of the plugins you need for a fully-featured city website.

Front-end framework

The best modern websites have clean, interactive interfaces, and must work on a plethora of devices. We use the Bootstrap front-end development framework, which is used on more than 20% of all websites. Bootstrap provides your visitors familiar user interfaces and provides a responsive framework so your website looks great on phones, tablets and desktops.


ProudCity is an OpenSaaS platform, which means we provide a secure, fully-managed hosting environment for your site, but you are free to download your site and host it elsewhere if you choose. The core ProudCity code is open source like WordPress, licensed under the GNU Affero GPL license, version 3. For a full list of credits, visit our Developers page.

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