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Together, we’ll launch your new website, and you’ll be fully empowered to manage your government digital services into the future.

Why onboarding

Collaborative building

We work with you to launch your website.

Empowered training

We fully train you on the ProudCity platform.


We teach you digital government best practices.

Long-term success

We help you confidently manage your digital services into the future.

What they say

Julian Kaelon

"Launching a new website seemed like a daunting task when our department first started moving in that direction. But once we were working with ProudCity, things just started clicking into place easily."

Julian Kaelon, Media Communications Manager, Marin County Public Works, Calif.

Michelle Micllaef

"What helped me be successful during the onboarding of our new website was ProudCity’s guidance throughout the process. I appreciated their guidance on how to create and format content, with a focus on continuous improvement so that we continue to make the website better—even after the live launch."

Michelle Micllaef, Public Works Community Liaison, Santa Ana, Calif.

How it works


Two 45-minute session per week (12 weeks)


Independent work (1-2 hours per week)


Your website launches in 90 days.

Frequently asked questions

Onboarding gives staff members valuable, hands on, learning-by-doing experience that fully empowers them to manage services on their own.


  • Saves government from spending money on expensive consultants in the long run.
  • Trains staff to do the work, so that they can do it on their own at any time.
  • Increases the opportunity for staff to better connect digital services with community needs.

ProudCity Onboarding is a one-time fee calculated at 20 cents per resident. There is a minimum charge of $4,000 (for population under 20,000).

  • Core group (or person)  of service leaders in your organization
  • Includes product owner
  • Small, diverse, agile team (akin to special projects group who are brought together to accomplish an important goal for the larger organization)
  • Works beyond the group to represent the different services, departments and community as a whole
  • Gets hands on, individualized coaching that is woven into technical trainings to upskill content admins into digital service and content designers
  • Establishes standards, consistency and compliance during onboarding meant to reset how the entire organization does digital moving forward
  • Learns to iterate on analytics and information to continuously improve digital services
  • Best when empowered and trusted by leadership to do the above
  • Within 90 days, you will launch your new digital government services.
  • During the 90-day onboarding process, your ProudCity Ambassador will guide you through weekly training and manageable task assignments (two forty-five minute sessions a week).
  • In 30 days, you will be trained on the basics and ready to experiment and test new ideas.
  • In 60 days, you will be fully trained and ready for public feedback on your BETA digital services delivery outreach.
  • 30 days later, you will confidently launch your new LIVE site.
  • After 90 days, you’re fully onboarded and get ticketing support and continuous product upgrades.

This will vary based on staff resources, but typical roles include:

  • Admins
  • Analysts
  • City and deputy managers
  • Clerks and deputy clerks
  • Customer service
  • Information officers
  • New hires
  • Rising stars

We will help you figure out the right people to include in onboarding and at what stage.

There isn’t a magic number, but here are ranges for successful teams:

  • <25,000, 1-3 people
  • 25,000 – 50,000, 2-8
  • 50,000 – 150,000, 5 – 15
  • 150,000+, 10-25

There is a balance in finding the right size for each customer. We don’t want to overwhelm people with the project but as an experience based training, it’s important that people have enough repetition and opportunities to problem solve to successfully upskill.

Successful onboarding projects have participants that are:

  • Curious
  • Empathetic
  • Willing to work
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Excited about learning new things

No. The core onboarding team should be a small, nimble group of people who can work across departments.

Staff who just need to be trained on specific tasks can be considered for guidance and perspective to the onboarding team but can be trained on those specific items at the end or after the onboarding project.

Many of our customers launch sooner than 90 days, so we use meetings at the end of the project to train a larger group once the site is in its final stages.

It is also common for the onboarding team to train additional staff to help lay the foundation for how staff will collaborate with the onboarding team who will lead on continuously improving digital services for the city.

Time commitment is approximately 3-5 hours a week per person. This typically tapers by week eight of the project.

This includes:

  • Two one-hour meetings per week (we always try and keep trainings to 45)
  • 1-3 hours for homework

This is a time commitment in addition to all your responsibilities but we think it’s the most effective to rip off the band-aid and get the new site launched as fast as possible. Once you start working with ProudCity, you really won’t want to work on your current site.

Municipalities with staffing constraints often work with our partner, Department of Civic Things, whose focus is government:

  • Content design
  • Content creation
  • Content coaching
  • ProudCity Onboarding implementation

Depending on the extra support you want or need, Department of Civic Things can scope out how much they can augment or complement your onboarding team.

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