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The ProudCity Certified Service Partners program is a marketplace of content and delivery experts using the ProudCity platform to support local government digital service efforts.

ProudCity Certified Service Partners


  • Separate your content strategy from your technology implementation.
  • Support your project team with external content expertise.
  • Learn content design and how to write for government websites.


  • Leverage the ProudCity platform to help governments make great website content.
  • Be a content expert, not a developer.
  • Find new customers through the ProudCity network.


ProudCity Certified Service Partners offer local governments the following services:


Provide a review/recommendations for content, governance and communications.


Help execute on concise, accessible content, images, documents and search engine optimization.


Training and mentorship on content, design and product management.

Featured government

Santa Ana, Calif.

The ProudCity Certified Service Partner program supported the launch of Santa Ana's new website.

Screenshot Santa Ana, Calif. website

Featured partner

Department of Civic Things

Helping local governments serve people better through effective communications and digital services.

“ProudCity is the perfect digital services platform for local governments. Using it allows me to support local governments and focus on creating great content and connecting people to the services they need. As a ProudCity Certified Service Partner, I’m able to find new customers and work with a product I love.”

Rebecca Woodbury, Department of Civic Things

Frequently asked questions

Both options are available and dependent on individual service partner service offerings.

ProudCity product support is provided as part of your ProudCity subscription. If you would like ongoing content support, you can arrange for those services with your certified service provider.

At a minimum, your ProudCity Subscription will be contracted through ProudCity.

Direct services from your CSP may be contracted through the partner. However, we can combine service agreements if this helps with purchase orders, legal or procurement policies of individual governments.

You can reach out to certified service providers directly or via the contact form on their respective pages.

Each service partner has their own pricing model that ranges from hourly to  flat fee agreements, based on the arrangement.

Participation in the ProudCity Certified Service Partner program is free at this time.

ProudCity Certified Service Partners go through a process to verify they have a strong understanding of content strategy and implementation — including structured content, plain language and accessibility best practices.

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