ProudCity Safe ensures governments have a holistic approach to continually addressing security protocol and keeping internal operations, and those they serve, safe.


ProudCity Safe


Security & compliance

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Software updates

  • Updates to both the software and operating system are released to the platform every two weeks.
  • Serious vulnerabilities are released immediately as hotfixes.

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Back-up and disaster recovery

  • Nightly database/files back-ups stored in secondary data center for one week
  • Weekly back-ups (every Sunday) stored for five weeks
  • Manual back-ups serviced via customer support ticket
  • Continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities (code, administrator access, backup verification)
  • Third-party monitoring service pings website up-time every five minutes with a 30-second threshold


Digital government security with ProudCity

Anytime you store sensitive data, security must be the utmost concern, and here at ProudCity, we are serious about security.