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ProudCity 2022.11.15 Release

Starting with this release we’re changing our release strategy a bit. Instead of releasing every 2 weeks, we’re now releasing new features as soon as they’re through our QA process. This has meant that some weeks we’ve released two or three small updates to customer sites. We have updated our button that adds meetings to … Continued

ProudCity 1.134.0 Release

Release 1.134.0 brought some fixes to accessibility, specifically with tabindex on meeting links. That fix allowed us to update our Add to Calendar scripts and remove a connection to an external service. Add to calendar links are now generated with code entirely running and hosted on client sites. We also continued to clean up some … Continued

ProudCity 1.133.0 Release

In this release we resolved some issues with deploy that were causing some of our plugins to become unavailable when Kubernetes Pods were rebuilt. We also updated some of our :hover and :focus styles to have more obvious states to improve accessibility. What’s Up Next Release 1.134.0 will have more bug fixes. It will be … Continued

Digital government news from ProudCity (September 2022)

Digital government news Why and how to compress PDFs Reducing PDF sizes makes it easier for the public to access these types of files. Request for Proudly Serving feedback: Speak plainly A new Proudly Serving chapter, written by Echa Schneider, titled Speak plainly is ready for public review and feedback. Locals’ .gov adoption is getting … Continued

ProudCity 1.132.0 Release

This release brought us a new updated CSS and JS build process which will make future work on styles faster and more robust. We also added some more tests for file validation to help us produce more robust builds. What’s Up Next Release 1.133.0 will have more bug fixes. It will be released on Sept … Continued

ProudCity 1.131.0 Release

This release added some editing capabilities to the new ProudCity Quick Menu plugin to continue to bring it back in line with the features of it’s predecessor. We also added the ability for Editor’s to clear their own site cache as well as enhance alerts for the ProudCity team when plugins may be deactivated by … Continued

Digital government news from ProudCity (August 2022)

Digital government news Register for the (free) 2022 Federal Plain Language Summit The event will highlight plain language successes in federal agencies at all stages of the communications journey. Building an inclusive culture at the Government Digital Service GDS CEO Tom Read shares why creating a safe, diverse and inclusive culture for staff matters. Request … Continued

ProudCity 1.130.0 Release

This release we focused on improving the security of WP Quick Menu by taking it over and rewriting the very old code. ProudCity Quick Menu represents a complete rewrite of the functionality to bring the plugin up to modern standards around coding practices and code security. What’s Up Next The next release will continue to … Continued

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