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Always getting better: How we work at ProudCity

Last week, we presented to the City of San Rafael’s new digital team on applying an open, asynchronous, collaborative mindset to getting things done. “Always getting better” is a ProudCity mantra, a reminder to ourselves that if we’re going to genuinely  serve our government partners and their communities, we must continuously release a better product. … Continued

Ask us anything: Digital government support with ProudCity Help

To better provide world class support to our government partners, as well as the government community at large, we’ve combined ProudCity Platform knowledge support with general digital government information and resources. ProudCity Help, located at, provides answers, tips, templates, guides and best practices in digital government on topics such as websites, accessibility, security, analytics, … Continued

The technology pivot

As a company dedicated to civic impact, we want to empower public leaders with the best digital services available, and we believe providing cities with an affordable, elegant, software-as-a-service solution that caters specifically to government is fundamental to realizing our mission.

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