Digital government news from ProudCity (April 2022)

Posted on April 14, 2022

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Digital government news

Is it time for a new local government website?

ELGL shares our suggestions for performing a diagnostics test on your website to see if it’s time for a change.

Multi-factor authentication primer

ProudCity has a new MFA primer on how to better secure your online accounts.

Routing & switching is not ‘sexy’

ELGL’s Kirsten Wyatt reminds government to take security seriously with some help from a “thought leader and wise counsel on the technology trends that are most important to local governments.”

Remember why you do this

Driving digital change in government is daunting. Marlena Medford reminds us to keep it in perspective.

Setting the right benchmarks for site speed in government

Ad Hoc’s Kendra Skeene has some great insights on performant government websites.

How we run service design training as an agile service

Team GOV.UK shares the how and why while training for a focus on users’ needs.

ProudCity news

ProudCity releases

Release 1.121 and 1.122 notes.

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