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Government Technology: ‘Disasters Highlight the Growing Need for Digital Readiness’

Posted on August 8, 2019

Government Technology

Government Technology published a guest article, “Disasters Highlight the Growing Need for Digital Readiness,” by ProudCity CEO Luke Fretwell and San Rafael Senior Management Analyst Talia Smith.


Here’s what our experience taught us: While most public safety operations in an EOC are guided by time-tested principles, digital response before, during and after a disaster is surprisingly uncharted territory.

What will your city’s website look like when 5,000 homes have been destroyed? What maps will you have, and do you have the in-house expertise to produce them? Which Twitter account will be lead? Will you launch a recovery website, and what will it be called? How will you maintain consistency in information disseminated across jurisdictions?

Full story: Disasters Highlight the Growing Need for Digital Readiness

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