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Government Technology: ‘The Case for Simplified, Text-Based Government Websites’

Posted on June 9, 2022

Government Technology

Government Technology mentioned ProudCity in recent commentary from E.Republic Executive Editor Paul Taylor, where he makes the case for simplified, text-based government websites.”


Luke Fretwell, CEO of the civic engagement platform ProudCity, said in a conversation about the aesthetics of government websites that acknowledging the mobile majority — together with a government obligation to make information and services readily accessible and widely available — is central to designing and building sites for the public’s use. Old-school graphics and a “more-is-more” approach born from a team of developers and designers get in the way of that. “Government websites aren’t really ours, right?,” Fretwell asked rhetorically. “If you want to be an artist, you know, take a painting class.”

Full story: The Case for Simplified, Text-Based Government Websites

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