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30+ drag and drop widgets for easy-to-manage government websites

Posted on May 22, 2018

ProudCity Pagebuilder

The ProudCity Pagebuilder includes more than 30 drag and drop widgets, making it extremely easy for government website managers to create custom pages and continuously refine these until the user experience is optimized.

These widgets include:

  • Answers list: List of Answers in a category with a display style
  • Auth0 Social Amplification: Shows Auth0 Social Amplification Widget Embed in sidebar
  • Calendar: Display events on an interactive calendar
  • Code or iFrame embed: Arbitrary text or HTML.
  • Contact Block: Simple contact info block
  • Contact submenu: Lists Agencies and Contact categories
  • Contacts list: List of staff Contacts in a category with a display style
  • Content list: List of content with a customizable display style
  • Content list filters: Adds a filter box for a specific content list
  • Content list search box: Adds a search box for a specific content list
  • Custom contact block: Display custom contact information in a sidebar
  • Department contact info: Display current agency’s contact info
  • Department hours: Display the agency’s weekly hours
  • Department list: List of agencies
  • Department menu: Display an agency menu
  • Department social media: Display social media icons
  • Documents list: List of Documents in a category with a display style
  • Embed Document: Select a document and embed a document preview
  • Events list: List of Events in a category with a display style
  • Form: ProudCity Forms
  • Hero unit (page header): Image / slideshow / title unit for the header of the page
  • Icon link: Simple icon button, and link
  • Icon set: A collection of icons and links
  • Image: A simple image widget with massive power.
  • Image set: A collection of images and links
  • Jobs list: List of Job Listings in a category with a display style
  • News Posts list: List of News Posts in a category with a display style
  • Page title: Display the page title
  • ProudCity services map: An interactive services map of for your city
  • ProudScore Widget: Allow visitors to vote up a piece of content
  • RSS: Entries from any RSS or Atom feed
  • Search Box: Autocomplete search
  • Service Center: Get Answers, Make Payments, Report Issues, Voting Information and more
  • Social feed: Dynamic social media feed
  • Submenu: Select a menu to display or, display a submenu from the Primary Menu
  • Text: A rich-text, text editor

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