Case study: Somerville, NJ

Posted on March 20, 2024

Case study: Somerville, NJ

Our friends at Department of Civic Things created a case study of their work with Somerville, NJ, using the ProudCity platform to develop their website.

“The thing I keep hearing over and over again is how easy it is,” Somerville Communications Director Patty Hunt said. “People are saying it’s much easier now to find the information they need.”

“There’s a heart for customer service behind this website. Borough employees, across all departments, collaborated to help make this a helpful tool for Somerville residents.”

Somerville took an innovative approach to build its digital services, including:

  • Little to no PDFs
  • Action pages
  • Resident-first focus

From the case study:

Challenged with a disorganized, outdated website, the borough of Somerville, NJ sought a solution. With expert guidance from ProudCity and Department of Civic Things, Somerville used a service-minded content design approach to transform their website.

Through content design and collaboration, ProudCity and Department of Civic Things helped Somerville turn their outdated, ineffective website into a service-minded resource for their residents in just a few short months.

Full case study

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