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#digitalgovtip #3: Read these digital government books

Over the years, I’ve read many of the books published on digital government. Here are the ones I recommend — from leadership to IT to communications teams to civic hackers to govtech-focused entrepreneurs — to best understand strategic and cultural aspects of what it means to lead with a digital first approach to public service.

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Customize your mobile address bar

Your mobile browser's address bar is a valuable, but often overlooked, additional opportunity to brand your website.  The address bar background color can be set with the theme-color meta tag: <meta name="theme-color" content="#ff6600" /> As [...]

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Audio: ‘Empowering Effective Digital Government from the Top’

Effective digital government starts at the top with executives -- from city managers to city council -- embracing a new approach to leadership on technical and organizational cultural issues. In this fireside chat with City of San Rafael Assistant City Manager Cristine Alilovich and Senior Management Analyst Rebecca Woodbury, we discuss the role of leadership in enabling a holistic culture of iterative, proactive, digital public service.

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Proudly serving ELGL and local government leaders

Over the past months, we’ve worked closely with ELGL and its Digital Working Group to help them re-imagine and execute an organizational digital strategy that broadens their ability better serve local government leaders in an age of constant technological change.

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Sonoma Strong

As fires burned northern California, particularly Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa, it immediately became clear to local government leaders they needed better digital tools to effectively communicate externally, especially via their public-facing websites.

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‘Not Secure’: What government needs to know about HTTPS website security and the Google Chrome October deadline

Starting in October 2017, visitors to non-secure government website forms using Google Chrome will receive a “Not secure” message indicating the site cannot be fully trusted to protect user privacy.