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Dogfooding: We’re now on the ProudCity digital government platform

When we first started ProudCity, we set up a simple company website at and, as early-stage startups do, spent all of our time focused on building the platform, onboarding early customers, and refining our processes so that we could scale government impact. Over the holiday break, we finally used some downtime to dogfood … Continued

Fairfax Proud: Camille Esposito

We’re fortunate to work with forward-thinking, innovative government leaders willing to re-imagine and act on changing the rules when it comes to digital public service, and we’re proud to work with Rebecca Woodbury.

Publish government meeting agendas, minutes, videos with ProudCity Meetings

Public meetings are a fundamental component of government operations, and many of the cities we work with have asked about or requested a simple, affordable publishing tool — for calendars, minutes, agendas, videos — that seamlessly integrates with their websites. We’re proud to announce the launch of ProudCity Meetings, a new feature that lets governments … Continued

ProudCity 1.68.0 Release

This release contains dashboard updates and platform bugfixes. The WordPress Core 5.0.3 update is included in this release. It is immediately available for all ProudCity Hosted sites and for download on Github under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source license. What changes will I notice? You should notice a cleaner login page. The dashboard … Continued

Ongoing issues with upstream provider Auth0; Administration login temporarily disabled

Yesterday, our authentication upstream provider, Auth0 had a major outage that caused performance issues on the ProudCity Platform for sites with a large number of administrator users logged in and editing the site at once.  Late last night, their CEO sent an initial explanation: Earlier today, Auth0 experienced an incident that resulted initially in degraded service, and … Continued

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