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Posted on July 13, 2022

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Digital government news

Team care in a crisis

“Thanks to a culture of team care our leaders fostered.” The California Office of Digital Innovation shares how it got through COVID-19 response efforts.

Senators ask DOJ to enforce accessibility rules for state and local websites

A group of 10 Democratic senators asked the Justice Department to ensure that websites and other digital services offered by state and local governments comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How to be a trusted agitator

Be a good agitator (not a bad one). “We should all be agitating for change,” writes UK HM Land Registry Head of Design Laura Yarrow.

Moving fast, staying safe: Being ‘agile’ in government

“‘Agile’ development — building and testing prototypes in weeks rather than spending years in planning — has gained mainstream acceptance,” writes Canadian Digital Service Senior Developer Paul Craig.

Why we use content design

“Content design uses research to identify what people really need. Then you create content to help them get that without struggle,” write California Office of Digital Innovation Peggy Gartin and Michael Sullivan.

Four years as a content designer in local government

“Designing good content is a team sport,” says UK Department for Work and Pensions Content Designer Lizzie Ingram-Flynn.

What is customer experience?

With the new presidential executive order on “Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government,” the U.S. Department of Interior takes a deeper look at what CX is.

Why it’s important to add gender identity options to digital services

“Diversity data matters because it can help us understand the impact of our working practices and policies,” writes the UK Government Digital Service team.

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