Government PDF documents now easier to access with ProudCity Search+Docs

Posted on August 1, 2017

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We’re huge proponents of making government information easy to search and access.

Unfortunately, much of this information is buried within inaccessible, un-searchable portable document format (PDF) files. While PDFs are great for turning “print” documents into downloadable files, they often don’t adhere to web content and accessibility standards.

To solve part of this problem, our new ProudCity Search+Docs makes it easy for website visitors to search “in-document” and access government PDFs. With ProudCity Search+Docs, PDF files below 20MB will be indexed, displayed and highlighted in website and documents-specific search results.

Searching numerous PDF documents for keywords can yield an overwhelming number of results. To make this search experience more helpful, ProudCity Search+Docs adds filters to narrow these results. Users can now easily filter search results by documents, document categories, pages, departments, answers, posts and jobs.

For those with multiple sites hosted on ProudCity, filtering works across these different web properties.

How it works

Site search results:

ProudCity Search+Docs

Documents search results:

ProudCity Search+Docs


ProudCity Search+Docs is an add-on feature to ProudCity Search Plus, a premium upgrade that includes multi-site search (department domains and subdomains), Granicus integration and much more. ProudCity Search Plus pricing is $50/month.

ProudCity Search+Docs pricing is based on number of documents and file sizes.

Learn more

Learn more  about ProudCity Search+Docs and ProudCity Search Plus and contact us  for questions, pricing and a demonstration.

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