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Government Technology: ‘ProudCity Offers Free Websites to Small Cities, Builds API for Digital Benchmarking’

Posted on March 30, 2017

Government Technology

Government Technology‘s Ben Miller covered the launch of ProudCity Plans and our upcoming cities API:

“We want ProudCity to be able to serve every single city in America, and make it quick and affordable for them to do that,” said Luke Fretwell, chief executive officer of the company. “And if that means the smaller cities are paying little to nothing because they just can’t afford it, then it’s our job to do that.”

The new approach goes hand in hand with another project ProudCity is getting ready to roll out: an API for a data-gathering project it’s been working on to benchmark what kinds of digital presence local governments already have. Using data sources like Wikipedia and the U.S. Census Bureau, ProudCity has been pulling together information about which cities don’t have websites, which cities have websites that use secure domains, which ones don’t, which ones are mobile-friendly, and so on.

“Basically I think we’re seeing a general movement in the industry toward people wanting more out of government when it comes to technology, so putting this information out, making it public, making it transparent, will do the public a favor,” said Chief Product Officer Alex Schmoe. “And I think maybe some smaller cities might not realize how many people are doing mobile devices.”

Full story: ProudCity Offers Free Websites to Small Cities, Builds API for Digital Benchmarking

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