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Kitchen sink digital public service: Why it’s important for local governments to diversify technology vendors

Posted on August 19, 2021

Kitchen sink

A challenge we often see with how some local governments manage digital services is that they rely on one company to do everything.

An example of one company doing most or all of this includes:

  • Websites (and content management systems)
  • Meetings (particularly meetings management)
  • Customer relationship management (311)
  • Newsletters
  • Permitting
  • Chat bot
  • Accessibility add-ons
  • Custom design/development services
  • The kitchen sink

While there are cases where selecting one vendor to provide you the kitchen sink may be justified, it’s important that local governments explore all of their technology options and diversify when appropriate. If you don’t, there are long term implications that could severely impact your ability to serve your community in the ways you thought were possible.

The problem

While it may seem easier to outsource all local government digital services to one company, the reality is that one company can’t do everything great.

Ultimately, two problems occur:

  • You’re locked into one company’s suite of tools that may not fully empower you to do your job
  • You’re paying more for a suite of tools that you’re not fully using
  • Your community is left with a subpar digital experience

The company that manages all of these services benefits most, because once you’re in, it makes it very difficult for governments to switch to different, better services. This is traditionally known as vendor lock-in.

The solution

The solution is to select the technology services and products that are the best tools for the specific job.

This approach gives:

  • Local governments great tools that constantly get better
  • Communities great user experiences that create more trust in government

It also allows you to easily change vendors for a specific service if you’re not satisfied with the product or service.

A best-in-class digital services marketplace

ProudCity proudly works and integrates with a variety of product and service partners.

We do this because we want local governments to have full visibility into the options, so that you can buy the best tool for you — and not just buy the kitchen sink from us or anyone else.

These include government-specific offerings:

And general offerings important to government:

ProudCity will continue to provide more clarity into the best technology options available to local governments.

By continuing to partner with best-in-class digital products and services, ProudCity and the local governments we work with will continuously get better, together.

Visit the ProudCity Marketplace to learn more about great local government digital products and services.

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