Online government payments with Stripe and ProudCity

Posted on June 8, 2016


StripeProudCity integrates with a growing list of third-party services, including payments, and one of our favorites is Stripe.

About Stripe

Stripe embodies a modern approach to secure online and mobile payments that is simple and customer-focused, aiming to create a low-barrier system that just works. Already used by major online services such as Twitter, Lyft, Pinterest, OpenTable, Slack, FitBit and more, Stripe is a excellent commerce solution for governments wanting to streamline all resident-to-city payments.

With Stripe, governments can accept VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, and can even be configured to work with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

In order to add Stripe to your ProudCity-powered city website, you must first create your Stripe account.

Stripe on ProudCity

ProudCity endorses Stripe as a preferred vendor for integration within our payments system. Large ticket payments appear in the ProudCity Actions Box, and payment fields can be added to any form, parking, permit or application that your city requires.

ProudCity Actions Box

There are two approaches for payments on ProudCity:

Payment content that should appear in the ProudCity Actions Box


  • Water bill
  • Trash bill
  • Sewer bill
  • Court payments
  • Income tax
  • Business tax
  • Building permits

One-off forms that require a fee


  • Park area reservation
  • Pool membership
  • Summer program enrollment
  • Sports leagues
  • Application fees (demolition, employment, etc.)
  • Event booking

Both approaches hinge on a simple form creation process, by adding product and payment field to any online form:

Adding payments

Notifications can be set up to alert the process owner (and the submitter) of payment submissions:

Payments notifications

Once you’ve added payment fields and notifications, simply attach the form to a new document or a payment (to appear in the ProudCity Actions Box), attach any files and publish:

Example form

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re officially accepting city payments online.

Example form

Questions about Stripe or setting up online payments for your city? Contact us.

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