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ProudCity 1.126.0 Release

Posted on May 27, 2022

ProudCity Releases

This release was focused on bug fixes and continued accessibility enhancements. Icons that are purely decorative should now have the aria-hidden="true" label applied so they don’t show up in the page flow for keyboard and screen reader users. We also did some more bug fixes around our new icon picker and Font Awesome 6.

What’s Up Next

Release 1.127.0 will have more bug fixes. It will be released on June 9, 2022.


New features


  • fixed issue with form submission on the Integrations Page: #2044
  • moved back to the official Simple Staff List plugin as it has our changes integrated: #2010
  • finished adding accessibility to the icons across our forms: #1677
  • fixed conflict in Font Awesome icons that caused incorrect characters to show: #2042
  • fixed a bug where site admins couldn’t save the Integrations page under ProudCity settings: #2044


  • 1.125.1 updated the icon picker (#2041) for better performance and removed icons that are purely decorative from the keyboard focus to improve accessibility

WordPress Core Update:

Third-party plugin updates:

  • there were no 3rd party plugin updates
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