ProudCity 1.19.0 Release

Posted on November 16, 2016

ProudCity Releases

This release is primarily a maintenance release. It contains a few new ProudCity features, bugfixes and third party plugin updates. There are no WordPress core updates in this release. It is immediately available for all ProudCity Hosted sites and for download on Github under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source license.

What changes will I notice?

Image captions and attributions are now always visible on the header images (previously they only appeared when you hovered over the image). See our example site homepage. Featured images on pages now appear on the page as well. Finally, can also specify the number of items to see per page in administrative lists, which is helpful for drag-and-drop lists with a lot of items. see the full list of updates in the changelog below.

If you notice any issues with your ProudCity Hosted website after this release, please create a support ticket. If you are using ProudCity Open Source please create a GitHub issue.

What’s up next?

Release 1.20.0 will be another large feature and bugfix release with standard 3rd party updates.

Want to see something that isn’t listed here? Tweet it to us. View our full product roadmap.

Version 1.20.0 will be released on October 29, 2016.



  • Some icons are very small #669
  • Featured images on pages not displaying #665
  • Limit max image size in hero #629
  • 311 mobile formatting: more padding needed #602
  • Featured image on post not attaching (hotfix) #663
  • Fix js file load error to prevent google “undefined” js error (hotfix) #658


  • Improve caption display on images #486
  • Change “Other ways to pay” to “Payment info” #641
  • Drag and Drop: Allow a custom number of items per page #673

Hotfixes since previous release

  • 1.18.1: Nov 2 2016: Fix js file load error to prevent google “undefined” js error #658 (wp-proud-actions-app), Nov 4 Cannot select featured image #664 (wp-proud-core)
  • 1.18.2: Nov 5 2016: Limit max image size in hero #629 (wp-proud-core)
  • 1.18.3: Nov 9 2016: Featured images on pages cannot be displayed without page-builder #665, Lucas: some icons are very small #669 (wp-proud-theme)

WordPress Core Update

  • There is no WordPress core update in this release.

3rd party plugin updates (097c075)

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