ProudCity 1.21.0 Release

Posted on December 14, 2016

ProudCity Releases

This release contains a new ProudCity features, bugfixes and third party plugin updates. There are no WordPress core updates in this release, the recently-released WordPress Core 4.7 Feature Release will be pushed to the Platform as a hotfix on December 15, 2016. It is immediately available for all ProudCity Hosted sites and for download on Github under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source license.

What changes will I notice?

We have a new Local Services tab available for the Service Center, which lets you upload CSV or GIS files with service day information for Garbage Collection, neighborhood detection, and more, as well as promote your City Hall hours and location. Have a look at the Local Services tab on San Rafael’s new website. If you’re interested in adding the Local Services tab to your website, please contact us.

We have also added the ability to set up an auto-populated hierarchical sitemap page, and fixed a number of bugs, particularly around account login. See the complete list of changes in the Changelog below.

If you notice any issues with your ProudCity Hosted website after this release, please create a support ticket. If you are using ProudCity Open Source please create a GitHub issue.

What’s up next?

Release 1.22.0 will include a host of Service Center additions, other new features, bugfixes and standard 3rd party updates. Due to holiday scheduling, the release will be in three weeks, on January 4, 2017.

We are also migrating every site to our new containerized hosting environment in Google Cloud Container Engine. The new hosting environment will include loading times, especially for large documents. For TEST sites, you will be automatically migrated in the next two weeks. For live sites, we will get in touch with you shortly regarding switchover timing and DNS changes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to see something that isn’t listed here? Tweet it to us. View our full product roadmap.

Version 1.22.0 will be released on January 4, 2017.


Updates and new features

  • Service Center: Local Services tab #616
  • Html hierarchical sitemap page #730
  • Events: share #720
  • Infrastructure: Upgrade to php7 #727
  • Infrastructure: Upgrade Auth0 to latest version platform-wide #726
  • Allow default page service center settings to be set #699


  • Login/redirect issue #723
  • Service center: path has two slashes after the tld #738
  • Service Center Standalone: Add favicon #717
  • Documents list: padding between tags #735
  • Alert bar hidden beneath nav #706

Hotfixes since previous release

  • 1.20.3: Dec 2 2016: SR: allow default page service center settings to be set #699 (wp-proud-actions-app, wp-proud-admin)
  • 1.20.4: Dec 6 2016: SR: Service Center backend settings #616 (wp-proud-actions-app, wp-proud-admin, wp-proud-location, wp-proud-core)
  • 1.20.5: Dec 8 2016: SR: San Rafael Service Center updates #616 (wp-proud-core, wp-proud-actions-app, wp-proud-admin)
  • 1.20.6: Dec 8 2016: SR: Release launch (wp-proud-search, wp-proud-elastic, wp-proud-core)
  • 1.20.7: Dec 13 2016: SR: Elastic Search multisite integration (wp-proud-search, wp-proud-search-elastic)
  • 1.20.8: Dec 13 2016: Update to hours (wp-proud-actions-app, wp-proud-core)
  • 1.20.9: Dec 13 2016: Issues with Dashboard link logging you out (wp-proud-admin), Service Center: Hours: Additional options #729 (wp-proud-actions-app)
  • 1.20.10: Dec 13 2016: Streamlining SMTP, wp-stateless configuration #597 (wp-proudcity, wp-stateless)

WordPress Core Update

  • There is no WordPress core update in this release. The newly-release WordPress Core 4.7 Feature Release will be pushed to the Platform as a hotfix on December 15, 2016.

3rd party plugin updates (

  • wordpress-seo 3.9 -> 4.0
  • siteorigin-panels 2.4.19 -> 2.4.20

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