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ProudCity 1.46.0 Release

Posted on January 3, 2018

ProudCity Releases

This is primarily a bugfix and contributed module update release. There is no WordPress core update in this release. It is immediately available for all ProudCity Hosted sites and for download on Github under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source license.

What changes will I notice?

There should be no noticeable changes in this release.

What’s up next?

Release 1.47.0 will be a bugfix release. We are working on an interface to manage your social media accounts that should be ready in this release as well. Also expect additional accessibility improvements and a big release on the accessibility front in the near future.

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Version 1.47.0 will be released on January 17, 2017.


New features:

Hotfixes since previous release

  • There were no hotfixes in this release cycle.

WordPress Core Update

  • There is no WordPress Core update in this release

3rd party plugin updates (68848fc)

  • wordpress-seo 5.9.3 -> 6.0
  • wp-mail-smtp 1.0.2 – 1.2.2
  • siteorigin-panels 2.5.16 -> 2.6.0

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