ProudCity Forms makes it easy for governments to create and manage secure, mobile-friendly online forms

ProudCity Forms

A critical aspect of modern digital government is giving users the ability to do business with you online, without having to visit city hall or an actual building during specified times.

To better facilitate digital business operations, ProudCity Forms now makes it easy for governments to create and manage secure, mobile-friendly online forms, including:

  • Payments (fines, tickets)
  • Permits
  • Issue reporting
  • Job applications
  • Subscriptions (alerts, newsletters)
  • Public record requests
  • And more


Key features include:

  • Mobile-friendly (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, kiosk)
  • Section 508, ADA-compliant
  • Credit card processing
  • UETA/ESIGN compliant e-signatures
  • Workflow
  • Post same form in multiple locations
  • Associate digital forms with print versions
  • Cross-browser compatible (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer)

Build and manage

The ProudCity Forms form builder includes:

  • Drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG form builder
  • Forms manager dashboard
  • Create, edit, preview, delete, duplicate forms
  • Custom and pre-made fields (name, address, credit card info, etc.)
  • Radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields/boxes, dropdown menus and more
  • File uploads
  • Download form submissions to .xls/.csv
  • Create confirmation pages
  • Email confirmations/notifications to internal/external users


ProudCity Forms currently integrates seamlessly with ProudCity Payments, MailChimp, Constant Contact and the e-signature application, ApproveMe.

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