Route Fifty: ‘Successfully Building a New City Website in a Matter of Months, Not Years’

Posted on September 28, 2017

Route Fifty

As part of its 2017 Navigator Awards Finalists feature, Route Fifty recognized San Rafael Senior Management Analyst Rebecca Woodbury and the work the city is doing with ProudCity.


Creating a new website for a local government isn’t an easy task. There’s plenty to consider and a lot of input needed from various stakeholders before pressing forward. For some cities or counties, this process can move at a glacial pace. So it’s nice to highlight examples of local governments that were able to revamp their digital portals in a matter of months.

After being pulled together in August of last year, a beta site was ready by October and replaced the former site in December. The team at San Rafael embraced open-source platforms to build its new website, including working with ProudCity, an Oakland, California-based startup that offers digital solutions for online forms, payments and third-party services and worked to develop a local services tool with real-time location-based data.

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