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ProudCity WordPress Core 4.7.3 Security Hotfix Release

Posted on March 6, 2017

ProudCity Releases

This is a Hotfix release for the WordPress Core 4.7.3 Security update release. There should be no noticeable changes to the ProudCity Platform.

The WordPress Core Security Team released the 4.7.3 Security update on March 6. You can learn more about the release in the WordPress Core release notes and the US-CERT security notification.

What changes will I notice?

There should be no noticeable changes with this release

If you notice any issues with your ProudCity Hosted website after this release, please create a support ticket. If you are using ProudCity Open Source please create a GitHub issue.

What’s up next?

Version 1.26.0 will be released on March 16, 2017.


WordPress Core Update

  • WordPress Core was updated to version 4.7.3.

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