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Case study: Somerville, NJ

Our friends at Department of Civic Things created a case study of their work with Somerville, NJ, using the ProudCity platform to develop their website.

Training: How to write better government content

Clear communications – for internal or public consumption – is at the heart of good government. Writing better content eliminates confusion, saves time and resources and delivers a better overall government experience. Department of Civic Things and ProudCity are proud to collaborate on new training to support local governments in plain language, both for online … Continued

ProudCity 360 results (Q3 2021)

ProudCity 360 is our new customer feedback program to help us continuously improve and provide the best service possible. Our first report reflects the responses we received from the ProudCity community based on our Q3 2021 feedback survey. The survey was sent to all users who have ProudCity accounts. For those who responded, thank you … Continued

Kitchen sink digital public service: Why it’s important for local governments to diversify technology vendors

A challenge we often see with how some local governments manage digital services is that they rely on one company to do everything. An example of one company doing most or all of this includes: Websites (and content management systems) Meetings (particularly meetings management) Customer relationship management (311) Newsletters Permitting Chat bot Accessibility add-ons Custom … Continued

Security: Open source, WordPress, ProudCity

ProudCity is proudly powered by open source technology. We embrace open source because it empowers us to be more innovative and build great products for local governments. And, as the U.S. Department of Defense says about open source, “there are great benefits to be gained in reliability, performance, and security.” Open source and security There … Continued

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