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Training: How to write better government content

Posted on March 13, 2024

Training: How to write better government content

Clear communications – for internal or public consumption – is at the heart of good government. Writing better content eliminates confusion, saves time and resources and delivers a better overall government experience.

Department of Civic Things and ProudCity are proud to collaborate on new training to support local governments in plain language, both for online and offline content.


  • Anyone responsible for internal/external communications
  • Web/digital staff


Plain language is writing that is clear, straightforward and concise. It is becoming more of an emphasis for government, especially related to digital content.

We now offer two plain language trainings:

  • Plain language 101: For anyone who writes content for your organization, including but not limited to the website.
  • Plain language 201: For anyone who regularly writes or reviews content and already understands plain language basics.


Plain language:

  • Is more accessible, makes it easier to translate into other languages, and performs better in search results.
  • Helps your community effectively understand and get the information they need quickly, with fewer questions and less confusion.

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