New ProudCity Accessibility Checker helps governments better meet web accessibility requirements

Posted on August 1, 2018

ProudCity Accessibility Checker

ProudCity Accessibility Checker

As we previously wrote, government website accessibility is extremely important to ProudCity, and we continuously work to ensure and improve on government adherence to all related guidelines and requirements.

Now officially in BETA, our new ProudCity Accessibility Checker helps governments understand and stay updated on pertinent accessibility issues and continue to maintain AA compliance.

PAC helps government website managers run accessibility reports, view errors/warnings, resolve these issues immediately and gives you complete confidence you’re meeting key accessibility criteria to best serve all members of your community.


PAC features include:

  • Dashboard to manage page accessibility status
  • Page pass, error, warning reports
  • Create, view, export reports
  • Accessibility help and resources


ProudCity is proudly open source, and PAC is built using Pa11y, a collection of free and open source tools aimed at helping “designers and developers make their web pages more accessible.” We are extremely grateful to the Pa11y team for its work building this tool that better empowers all governments using the ProudCity Platform.

What’s next

We will continue to improve PAC, particularly as we test with ProudCity users in this BETA phase, and general ProudCity accessibility features (follow the GitHub issues labeled accessibility). We will also soon publish a government web accessibility guide for the general community to help everyone better understand related policy and technical issues.

Learn more

Learn about PAC and ProudCity Accessibility at

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