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How ProudCity is different

When we talk with local governments about their websites, online forms, payments and general digital service offerings, and how ProudCity can help them better serve their communities, we’re often asked how we’re different from similar providers, particularly ones that are more established. Here’s how we’re different.

Customize your mobile address bar

Your mobile browser's address bar is a valuable, but often overlooked, additional opportunity to brand your website.  The address bar background color can be set with the theme-color meta tag: <meta name="theme-color" content="#ff6600" /> As [...]

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ELGL: ‘Mutual Aid for Government Websites during a Disaster’

San Rafael’s Rebecca Woodbury and Talia Smith share their experience supporting Santa Rosa’s Emergency Operation Center fire response and recovery efforts over the past few weeks. While Rebecca and Talia highlight ProudCity’s involvement with Sonoma County recovery efforts, this resonates most with us.

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