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Stories of digital government leaders proudly serving their communities.

San Rafael Proud: Rebecca Woodbury

“San Rafael is the perfect city. It’s sunny, diverse, and beautiful. The community is passionate, engaged, and always willing to roll up their sleeves to solve problems together.”

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Fairfax Proud: Camille Esposito

“Fairfax is a small community in Marin County. It has a history of community activism, a rich music scene and family friendly atmosphere. We are nestled at the base of wooded mountains and have an active mountain biking and hiking community.”

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Colma Proud: Brian Dossey

“Colma is truly special because, while we are in a very busy urban area, Colma boasts an old-world charm all its own, from its Spanish-Mediterranean architecture, paving stone residential streets and ornamental street lamps to the community where everyone knows their neighbors.”

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West Carrollton Proud: Erika Mattingly

“Don’t be afraid to try something different.”

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Kettering PRCA Proud: Ryan Davis

“With green space and parks being integral factors in the quality of life, The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department strives to provide parks, recreation and cultural arts spaces, places and programs that make Kettering Home.”

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Port Orchard: Rob Putaansuu

“Our mission is to provide the people with services that exceed their expectations. Our vision is to make them proud that they have chosen to be a part of Port Orchard.”

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